Magnetic Button Closures

Our patented magnetic closures make dressing stress-free. Discover adaptive apparel designed for everyone. Browse our collections and experience the ease and style of MagnaReady®

Easy Care

Discover effortless apparel. Designed with your convenience in mind, MagnaReady redefines easy care, offering a seamless experience from wash to wear. Forget about fumbling with buttons and zippers!

Our Story

Getting dressed shouldn't be a stressful task – living with a disability is hard enough. 

The concept for MagnaReady® came about when my husband was diagnosed at an early age with Parkinsons disease. By trade he is a college football coach. One day after a game he was trapped in the locker room unable to button his shirt. Unfortunately, limited mobility is one of the side effects associated with Parkinsons, and his hands just were not working. Luckily, a player noticed his struggle and buttoned his shirt for him. That night my husband came home and relayed the story. He was embarrassed; embarrassed that he couldn't perform this simple task. He was thankful that he had someone to help him that day, but as someone that travels for business, he was anxious about getting into a situation while he was on the road. As he shared his concerns, I knew right away how I could help him with this daily challenge. 

By magnetically infusing the buttons on his shirts, I created a product that could restore freedom to his daily routine.

Adaptive Apparel Designed For Everyone

Limited mobility and dexterity

For seniors and individuals facing mobility challenges, dressing independently can often be a source of frustration and discomfort. MagnaReady is here to change that narrative. Our clothing is thoughtfully designed with magnetic closures that effortlessly click together, offering a newfound sense of independence and dignity in daily dressing routines.


Our adaptive clothing is crafted to enhance accessibility and comfort for individuals with limited mobility and or dexterity. MagnaReady promotes inclusivity, ensuring that most can enjoy the freedom of stylish and functional dressing.

Post surgery and recovery

Recover in comfort without sacrificing style. Perfect for those with temporary or long-term arm, hand and shoulder injuries, our magnetic closures make dressing pain-free and simple.


Simplify the dressing process for your loved ones. MagnaReady’s magnetic closures reduce the time and effort required, providing caregivers with a valuable tool for efficient and comfortable dressing.